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1701 N. Louise Dr.

Sioux Falls, SD 57107

(605) 334-5474

Toll Free: 885-300-7016

Fax: (605) 271-9636

What is TownTarget?

TownTarget is a business directory that was created with the goal of organizing information about local businesses in a way that is more meaningful, accessible and usable by consumers and search engine algorithms.

When a business lists its information on the directory, the outcome is a dramatic increase in visibility for all of the linked content and information in local search results along with the profile.



Develop a Dominant Online Presence


How Does TownTarget Work?

  • TownTarget does everything for you. We gather a businesses entire online and offline presence and put it all together in one place.
  • All we need to get started is: Business Name, Phone Number, Website
  • We start by gathering information about a business based on the basic contact information.We gather this data from reviews, websites, social media accounts, listings, photos, etc
  • We identify keywords specific to a business that are proven to be searched by customers
  • We look at the location and select geo-targeted places within a certain radius of the business

What TownTarget Does for You

  • First page of Google rankings
  • Puts business in front of people who are searching for their product or services in a specific area
  • Improve the expanse and visibility of a business
  • Drive more business by increasing the chances of people finding that businesses' product or service within a target market
  • Increase foot traffic and as a result increases revenue