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At Card Specialists we know what contributes to effective payment processing for businesses, no matter their size. We combine straight forward pricing structures with a local service that is both professional and personal. We work hard to make sure your payment processing works for you!

  About Us

Card Specialists got its start as a branch of Orbitcom, a local telecommunications company based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Orbitcom started Card Specialists initially as a way to help their customers pay for their phone/internet bill by saving them money on their credit card processing. Soon we realized we could provide a valuable service to more than just Orbitcom customers and began working with additional businesses helping them improve in this area of their business. Thanks to an effective business infrastructure already in place, Card Specialists was able to quickly compete with larger national companies that had found their way to South Dakota. 


Today, Card Specialists currently manages and monitors over 140 accounts for businesses around Sioux Falls and the Upper Midwest area.  We look to continue to grow with our customers and build our reputation as an exceptional service provider. Our goal is to be the clear payment processing option for businesses in this region.  We also want to offer our company as a resource to anyone who might have questions about the processing industry. We are confident in our approach and what we can contribute to businesses. If you are interested to see what Card Specialists can do for you or only have a question, please contact us.