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Cost: $2,995.00

Businesses that process greater than $10,000 monthly qualify for free system.

What you get:

  • Touchscreen POS, cash drawer, barcode scanner, receipt printer, and keyboard.
  • No software fees

Restaurant ELITE POS System


Total Management 

  • Inventory management, recipe maintenance, preparation forecaster, employee scheduler, time and attendance.

Reports and Analytics

  • Automatic sales report via email, pie chart breakdowns by department and meal period, labor percentage of sales.

Employee Theft Deterrence

  • Secure time management with biometric controls, real-time monitoring.  Comparisons by date, time, and items sold per employee.

Upsell Features

  • Required beverages and employee upsell prompts.

For Every type of Restaurant or Hospitality

  • Coffee shops, table service, bars, night clubs, hotels, cafeterias, pizza and delivery, kiosks, quick service, drive-thru, and more.