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Card Specialists

1701 N. Louise Dr.

Sioux Falls, SD 57107

(605) 334-5474

Toll Free: 885-300-7016

Fax: (605) 271-9636

7 Helpful hints to keep your rates as low as possible!

  • Use your EMV (chip card) reader every time you get a chip card.
  • If you are typing in card numbers manually, enter all information your machine prompts you.
            Examples: zip code, expiration date, cvv
  • Check ID and signature of card holder.
  • Ask if it is credit or debit.
            Debit cards with pin numbers will give you lowest possible rates
  • Maintain your PCI Compliancy.
            PCI Compliancy Information
  • Check prices of equipment with multiple sellers before you decide to buy or lease equipment.
  • Read your statements carefully. Most processors will let you know if there have been any changes to rates, industry rates or standards.