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Card Specialists

1701 N. Louise Dr.

Sioux Falls, SD 57107

(605) 334-5474

Toll Free: 885-300-7016

Fax: (605) 271-9636

Payment Processing

At Card Specialists our focus is helping our customers improve their business.  We do this primarily by optimizing their credit card processing by making it more efficient.  Our service will be more convenient and responsive and we will charge less than your current service provider.  Along with superior customer service, we have access to a wide array of equipment and software that can be customized to a specific business operation. This allows our customers to get the most out of their card transactions. 

PCI - Compliance

We also help our clients manage their PCI - compliance.  It is important for companies to stay up to date on their compliance because not doing so can result in unnecessary fees or even fraud.  We help ensure businesses are meeting the industry standards in security and are protecting themselves as well as their customers.


Recently Card Specialists has found another way to help our customers through one of our POS providers ToucheSuite.  They have a new program called TownTarget, which helps local business establish a strong online presences through SEO or search engine optimization. The goal is to drive online traffic to both your website and store, ultimately increasing revenue for the business. It was developed specifically for local businesses to beat out competition in a certain location.  We ourselves our using the program and are excited about what TownTarget will do for us.